Jan 8, 2016

Fear & A New Year

Let’s talk new year's resolutions. I always make them, some I keep, some fall by the wayside with as much enthusiasm as when I decided to make them. This year, instead of making another resolution to lose weight, clean out my closet, etc, I wanted to really focus on something that is not only meaningful and current to my life’s chapter, but would touch all areas of my life and hopefully change it.

This year, I resolve to conquer fear

Fear crosses over into many areas of my life, but mostly, it affects my confidence. My confidence to take action, my confidence to pursue creative goals. Will I be good enough? Why am I different? Will anyone care? I’m not pretty enough, not skinny enough. These are the questions and statements of doubt that stem from fear.

It’s serendipitous that this is my first blog post and I’m writing about fear. I have planned on starting a blog seriously for the past couple of years. I had a blog almost ten years ago but put that to the side while I went to Journalism school and started down the path that I’m on now. I published articles and blog posts throughout college and even into my PR career for big brands. Somehow, having a small space of my own in the digital world scared me to pieces, but was something that I wanted, needed to do. I need my own creative space. A place to unload all of my creativity.

Even though I’m full of fear as I write, it doesn’t even matter this time because I'm not turning back. My new year's resolution is to conquer fear and starting my own blog was at the top of the list of things that made me fearful. This is a vulnerable place. I have no brand or publication to hide behind, it’s just me.

It’s Personal This time

Since the first thought of this journey began for me, the more I realized that many women carry around the same weight of fear. Fear is heavy, anxiety inducing, confidence crushing but mostly, life sucking. If there is anything that I want to come out of this journey, it’s to lift up other women by creating and fostering a space of encouragement and positivity.

No turning back now

So here I am, announcing to the world that I am conquering fear as my new year's resolution. I hope you join me on this journey, it’s going to be a fun one.

In order to keep myself going on this path to becoming a fearless female, I’ve decided to start a fear journal. I plan to write in it daily about all of my fears, then every Friday on Instagram, I will share something that has caused me fear that week and how I will overcome that fear. I hope that in turn, you share your fears with me and how you plan to conquer them. I will be there encouraging you and lifting you up in positivity!

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