Apr 9, 2016

5 DIY Household Vases

I love having fresh flowers on hand. Any chance I get, I pick some up from my local market or snip some from the garden when they are in bloom. Nothing is better than having fresh flowers in the house, to me it’s one of life's simple pleasures. I use to let not having the perfect vase or variety of vases stand in my way from getting flowers, now I realize how silly that was once I started to think outside of the box. Sometimes practicality breeds curiosity, especially in this case.

Flowers come in all different shapes and sizes and sometimes that can be tricky when trying to find the perfect vase. I have so many basic shaped vases, but sometimes I need a bud vase or a vessel that is on the shallower side of things to create different styles and looks with the flowers.

So I pulled together some common household items to use as a vase when you’re in a snap and don’t have any traditional vases, or if you opt to be more creative and try some alternative vase options.

I like to utilize the plastic or newspaper that the flowers usually come wrapped in for quick and simple clean up. I just place the trimmings on the plastic and then pick up the plastic and toss in the trash after I'm all done.

When cutting flowers to fit in any vase or vase alternative, like this medium sized bowl, make sure you measure the stems before you cut them so you can style them accordingly.

3 short stems are perfect for a small tea pot like this one. As the roses bloom they will settle and slightly hang more off the sides of the tea pot.

I love this Fiesta Dinnerware jam jar for these fully bloomed roses from my garden. They wouldn't have worked as well in another vessel.

Just as I did with the tea pot, I used a goblet to hold three roses as well. I left the stems a bit longer than I did the roses for the tea pot. The bottom of a goblet glass is very reminiscent of a bud vase, so that's where my idea stemmed from for this.

I love, love, love, using bowls instead of a vase for flowers. I love rounded look that comes from placing flowers in bowls. I also really like the texture on this bowl, I think that is one element to a vase or flower vessel that is often overlooked. Texture can add so much to the look of flower arrangement or single bloom.

An old standby classic, the all purpose mason jar. Mason jars are the perfect vessel for just about anything, especially flowers of all varieties. I was able to fit five roses in a medium 12oz mason jar. I like putting the mason jars with flowers in my kitchen or entry way.

Next time you buy yourself flowers or pick some from your garden I urge you to get creative and use something different as your flower vase. Try whatever you have around the house that will hold water, and try it out. 

Do you have a favorite vase alternative that you always turn to or have tried that you just absolutely love? Let me know in the comments below.



  1. Now you have inspired me to pick up some fresh flowers next time I go shopping! Your pictures are amazing!

  2. These are beautiful!!! I will totally have to try come of these ideas. Nice job.

  3. These are great ideas, some I hadn't thought of before!


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