Apr 19, 2016

Spring Entertaining Must Haves

Spring is such a magical time in my world. The weather starts to get warmer and the days are longer. My desire to feel the sunshine on my skin and feel the soft breeze in the evenings always makes me want to host a dinner party. I imagine all the laughs and food we might enjoy. But for a woman like me who loves decor and good food, I always make sure that what I have on hand is not only functional, but also beautiful.

I pulled together some of my favorite spring items out there right now, that I am drooling at the thought of getting my hands on. Price points are a mix of highs and lows. However, as I mentioned before, ALL are pretty and functional and timeless. The items are not too trendy and can be used for a number of different things. Check out the items below, they are perfect for your spring entertaining!

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1. A good tray is ideal when hosting a dinner party. It's the perfect centerpiece for bringing out and displaying a charcuterie board, or a cheese and fruit plate. I even love it for displaying a pitcher of a signature cocktail for the evening with straws or any little extra jazz for the cocktail, like springs of thyme, etc.

2. I love color, especially pastels and I feel like these little tapas plates are the perfect way to show off pastels without being too over the top. I love using these little guys for things like a taco bar, or even just small appetizer and tapas plates. Don't ever forget that you eat with your eyes, so what you eat off of can be just as important as the yummy things you are putting in your mouth.

3. I love a good citrus motif and these affordable lemon plates are just that. They are covered in images of lemons and I think they are just perfection. They remind me of a great plate for a casual backyard dinner with my hubby, or a brunch with my girls. They can be dressed up or down. I especially love them on top of a rattan placemat much like #8. And the price is even cuter.

4. Napkins are one of those items that hasn't always been the most important thing to me in my
collection of entertaining items. Mostly because I would just use disposable napkins and get matching ones to my decor. But the more I invested in nicer things, the more I realized that cloth napkins are essential at actually saving you money and really adding that final touch to place settings and the overall ambience. I love these slightly geometric ones. They feel chic and modern at the same time to me.

5. I am seriously OBSESSED with the large and XL Bistro Bowls from Fiesta Dinnerware. I fell in love with them when I was working with the brand and I still love them even though I don't work with them anymore. I have four in a variety of colors because they are perfect for serving pasta, salads, holding fruit etc. So many uses and they are just a sexy bowl. Turquoise has to be one of my favorite colors, it compliments so many color palettes.

6. Ok, so I know that marble is totally a trend right now, but the world needs to remember that this isn't the first or last time that marble has been incorporated into kitchens and entertaining items before. It's a classic clean look that is timeless in my opinion.

7. I love wooden spoons and such for cooking and tossing and serving salads and I especially love the green color dipped on that handles. I also love how affordable wooden spoons usually are, so that way you can get some for every season.

8. These rattan round placemats are so amazing. They can work for almost any season and occasion. I especially love the texture. Texture is an element that shouldn't be overlooked because it can make all the difference.

9. I already mentioned that I am a fan of pastels, so these frosted glasses are right up my alley. I also am obsessed with the cute gold ribbon on the top of the glass. I would use these as cocktail glasses for a sangria, margarita or mojito, or even just for some flavored water.

Do you have any spring entertaining items that are on you must have list? Share them with me in the comments below. I love hearing about products that I don't know about and daydreaming about how I can incorporate them into my entertaining collection.


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  1. What a fantastic list of awesome spring entertaining must haves! Thanks for sharing :)


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