May 10, 2016

Humphrey's Resturant

Humphrey's Restaurant has such a beautiful view. This picture really doesn't do it justice. I love resturants near the water and especially love seeing boats while I eat.

Last week I had the pleasure to attend Humphrey's Restaurant VIP Social Media Cooking Class. It was a wonderful opportunity to come out and meet Humphrey's new executive chef, Nicolas Bour and taste some of his reinvented menu with a little cooking fun in between.

The evening opened with a cocktail and appetizer hour, which was so delicious. To start off, the cocktails were delicious. I apologize in advance about no pictures of the cocktails, because they were so good we just couldn't wait for pictures! I'm sure you understand though, right???! At the very least I will tell you about the deliciousness that we had by name so when you go for drinks or dinner, or both, you know what to order.


For starters,  I am a big gin drinker. I love the flavor so anytime I find a gin cocktail, I'm always down to try it out. AND they had one! Score! The cocktail is called, Rose Colored Glasses. It's made with Hendrick's gin, grapefruit liqueur, lemon and rosemary syrup. It was basically my dream cocktail. The second cocktail I was able to try was the Southern Bellini. It was everything that you would expect from a Bellini. It was delicious but had a twist. The Southern Bellini had Tito's Vodka with peach, lemon, prosecco and Lillet Blanc.

It's not often that I actually remember cocktails when I go out, so I have to say, these were exceptional and a must try for sure.


The menu is exactly what I expect from a restaurant that sits on the water. Fresh seafood, steak and beef options, simple ingredients, everything packed with flavor. The appetizers were scrumptious. I am not positive if the appetizers were actually smaller tastes of main dishes or appetizers themselves, but after taking a quick look at the menu, it looks that some may have been. Scroll down and let your mouth water.

This was a scallop sitting on top of a spicy type mousse. Cooked perfectly and packed with tons of flavor.

This seared ahi was also perfection. I'm not the biggest raw fish kind of girl and this was done well. I loved the chip that doubled as the perfect sized hand held plate.

This hummus got an A+ in my eyes. Simple and elegant with the carrot crudite sticking out. It was somewhat spicy which I love in a hummus.

The Cooking Class

Part of the reason why I was so excited for this event was in part because there was a cooking class involved. Given the timing of the event, I knew it wasn't going to be something incredibly involved but I knew whatever it was, it would be great. I was thrilled when I learned we were making ceviche. I've never made ceviche so I was happy to learn how to properly make it. Of course I knew all the ingredients that goes into making ceviche but I had never actually made it. Chef Bour used ginger beer which I thought gave it a nice taste and something unique about the ceviche.

 I even got a little lesson from Chef Bour on cutting fish for ceviche.

We couldn't wait to dig in and try it! It was really good!

If I were you,  I would make it a point to make your way over to Shelter Island and go have drinks, dinner or even brunch at Humphrey's Restaurant. The ambiance was wonderful and Chef Bour's food and staff are even better.

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